The NELIS & GLAM brand is the main trademark of an all-female start-up that produces hand-sewn headbands and turbans, strictly Made in Italy.

NELIS & GLAM BrandThe headscarves are devised and entirely designed by Elisa Negro, the company’s founder, and are sewn by the expert hands of a team of modelers and seamstresses, inside historic laboratories of the peninsula.

The NELIS & GLAM brand uses precious silks and fine fabrics in cotton and wool, carefully selected among the most famous Italian suppliers.

The lace comes from France, while every fabric with wax print, as in the best of African traditions, has a magical meaning, enclosed in its special pattern.

NELIS & GLAM BrandThe NELIS & GLAM woman is a true cosmopolitan soul: elegant, sparkling, social, passionate about new trends, and she is also attentive to quality and uniqueness.

Anyone who chooses to wear a NELIS & GLAM headscarf will show off the pressing rhythm of the West and the fascinating mystery of the Middle East and will take an emotional journey through the pleasures of the past and the excitement of modern times.


Elisa Negro NELIS & GLAM BrandElisa Negro is Image Coach and Style Consultant and works for individuals, companies and sales points in the fashion industry.

Born from the union between a family of lovers of drawing and painting and a family of seamstresses and embroiderers, Elisa realizes the ancient dream of becoming a stylist, in a project that celebrates the art of Italian tailoring, with an unfailing exotic touch.

Member of AICI, Association of Image Consultants International, Elisa Negro is teacher of Image Consultancy and Personal Shopping, Personal Styling, Bridal Styling, Business Image and Beauty & Self Make-Up.

She collaborates as a publicist with online magazine and, among her latest experiences, she includes being the costume designer for some Italian film projections.