Yoruba Turban

140,00 60,00

Yoruba turban, from ALL DAY LONG collection, with an intense red base and patterns that recall exotic palms, in a contrast of white, black and yellow. The product is entirely handmade and has on the inside, a soft band in breathable lycra, for a perfect fitting on the head and, on the outside, a large rose in structured fabric. The turban is assembled directly at the tailor’s shop and ready to use. It is made of a very high quality 100% cotton wax.

  • Description


Yoruba turban is for an ironic, creative and very fashionable soul: this is the woman who chooses ALL DAY LONG creations, from the afro-style turbans of NELIS & GLAM. She walks the road with a safe step and enjoys to be observed and admired.

To wear the ALL DAY LONG turbans, you can follow the fitting described in the graphic instructions attached to the product. However, for the ones who loves the eccentricity, it is possible to leave the internal lycra band visible and not to let the fabric that makes up the turban stick around the head. You will thus have a “sculptural effect”, very in vogue on the contemporary runways.